Farm School Information

2.5 through 3 years old

We would like to foster the child’s self esteem and self help skills, while allowing the children to succeed. We follow a thematic curriculum; introducing Spanish, days of the week, months, seasons, holidays and basic sign language. We follow a daily routine with a weekly curriculum posted. We emphasis positive social interaction in a cohesive group setting. Self esteem and kindness are key elements.

Each day consists of special time for free play, circle, art, music, calendar, story time, exploration, dramatic play, small motor skill, large motor time and outdoor/farm play or a planned field trip (a weekly curriculum schedule is posted). Music and Art Class are offered weekly, opposite weeks, so that all may participate.

Our thematic curriculum incorporates colors, shapes, numbers, seasons, holidays, Spanish, feelings, days of the week, etc. The children learn and grow at their own pace. This curriculum is flexible, which enables us to plan accordingly for each child. We place a special emphasis on socialization and self help skills for the younger children. Consistency, set expectations and positive reinforcement are adhered to daily, with the same teachers working with the children consistently.

Class size limited to 14-16 children daily with two teachers