Children learn through play. NJS is committed to offering a nurturing, safe and stimulating program. One devoted to discovery and enhancing self esteem. We blend nature and the amazing farm environment into a constructive playground for the children to foster their innate curiosity and sensitivity.  

Our 2.5 through 3 years old (Farmschool) Program is limited to 14-16 children daily with two teachers. We follow a thematic curriculum, introducing Spanish, days of the week, months, seasons, holidays and basic sign language. We follow a daily routine with a weekly curriculum posted. We encourage self help skills while allowing the children to succeed. Self esteem and kindness are key elements.

For the older children, we provide care at the Kinder Cottage (directly adjacent to the Farmschool property).  We like to foster the child’s self esteem and self help skills, while introducing him/her to a more academic curriculum. Specifically, pre-kindergarten readiness. We emphasis positive social interaction in a small group setting. We encourage independence and problem solving. Please ask Mare for a more detailed packet regarding curriculum. Our 4 through 5 years old (Kinder Cottage) program is limited to 16-18 children daily with two teachers.

Above all, we would like the children to experience a positive, fun, nurturing and safe environment for them to grow, as well as succeed.